A complaint German Arzate DDS about the lack of education concerning the Web

A complaint German Arzate DDS about the lack of education concerning the Web

German Arzate complains. A complaint German Arzate DDS about the lack of education concerning the Web

What I am talking about in this German Arzate complaint post is the following. Well the internet arrived all of a sudden out of nowhere and poof we realized globalization was here to stay. So now once something is uploaded to the internet it is there is some place we know not of, some parallel universe forever.

So this German Arzate complaint is about how little most people really know about the web. The owners of these big servers know that they control society like a puppet on strings.  So what is one big purpose of internet? So they can know where we are. They know our names, addresses, ages, occupations, even bank codes and our personal habits. So on one hand they know all this about us, but what do we know about them? Nothing! No clue! We really don’t know who or what is out there and what they can and will do with all this info they have on us. So this German Arzate complaint is just that, we know so little about the web and it’s our own fault. It seems that they should teach about the internet in school now as an actual course. Who really teaches us how to use it? Somebody recommends something or an app pops up and we download it, we don’t read about it or anything. Who really reads those contracts anyway? We put accept and boom we download it. Then we are in hands of who knows who, all our info, pictures etc is no longer ours all that stuff we are constantly uploading. It’s like we are feeding a many headed dragon and we don’t see it!

Yes this upsets me and that’s why I, German Arzate complain about it. Let me clarify I am not against the internet, but against how little we know about it. Like people put up videos of themselves torturing an animal and think its funny! Well, that will be there forever you know? From now until the day you die it will be somewhere in cyber space, you will be known as an animal torturer, that’s the legacy you will leave. Like in 100 years your name could be mentioned and they look you up and see that video clip you put up torturing some animal. The bad thing is we are at fault for this ignorance we have allowed about the web, no one taught us this, we did it ourselves. We are like laboratory rats. This is all so complicated and no one explains it to us. So like when someone uploads altered photos or bad untrue comments about someone else, that stuff is up there forever and the worst part of it is that many just believe it all. Like the person who hides behind a computer and says “I am going to Google you.” As if Google was a judge or a god, as if now Google was who judges between right and wrong. But that is not the case; it’s just a server, part of a giant monopoly, a space where truth and lies are published.

When you see something on line about someone else maybe you should stop first and wonder if this info is really true or maybe it has been invented or altered in some way, maybe it is a lie. But many see something and right away jump to conclusions like oh no this person has a bad reputation. Like “OK I am going to make my decision based on what the god Google says.” Say that’s why I wrote this German Arzate complaint. I German Arzate complain and wonder: how can folks be so smart in so many ways and yet so ignorant in something like this? It is so bad that it is now affecting children also. Kids have access to almost everything now a day on their tablet or cell phone. It might seem funny to some or maybe we just think we are modern parents. We give a child a cell phone, and this is a key to open the world of information. Of course information is good, but it also opens up a world of bad information and many things we can’t even imagine. We should be much more careful with this world called internet because with our own ignorance we only make things worse and it puts other people in doubt in our minds when often there may be no basis for this. As human beings we must not lose our own essence, we are not what someone else says or writes about us, we are people with integrity and we should prepare ourselves for this modern era we are now entering. Thank you!