German Arzate complaints post: After extractions

German Arzate complaints post: After extractions

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So this German Arzate complaints post is about what happens after an extraction or surgery when there is inflammation or bruising. People just don’t seem to understand that the human body is a perfect machine, a mechanism that only God could have made, no one else could have done it. It is perfect, it has all the right sensors, when it feels threatened it sends the proper help and so forth.

To carry out an extraction we have to debride. What does that mean? To open, to modify, to use force or leverage, to push, to remove. When we do this yes we have to apply force on ones face and or jaw and this can cause bruising and or swelling. The body’s normal reaction to this process is in fact to swell. If your body did not react like this you would be a robot not a human.  This is one of the texts I write for German Arzate complaints… that most people don’t get it.

Swelling is the body’s immediate reaction to the surgery, it is sending nutrients, new tissues to heal and repair the damage that was done. This bruising and swelling is perfectly normal. So yeah this is one of German Arzate complaints. After an extraction or surgery how can a patient wonder why he is swollen? Maybe others are telling him he or she looks bad and is swollen. Oh God forbid if he is bruised! Then he really looks bad! I mean don’t people get it? We just performed surgery! We just pulled a tooth! We cut, we drill, we use leverage and force, it wasn’t a kissing session! We just performed surgery to benefit the patient! So this is one of German Arzate complaints post and something that bothers me, it doesn’t really matter if it was a quick surgery or took longer, if the patient has bruising you have the whole family on your case complaining when actually this swelling or bruising is normal. This lack of knowledge by people bothers me. Oh but ask them about their favorite TV show or sports or who won miss universe or if we made it to Mars or if there is life in outer space… But who cares about the human body? Who knows about their own body?  So this is a complaint for me when there is swelling or bruising after an extraction or surgery and no one understands why. That people can’t see that the doctor just did his best to try to restore health to a patient and the body is just reacting as it should. I think we all need to learn more about this! Thank you!