German Arzate complaints about badmouthing

German Arzate complaints about badmouthing

Hi, this is German Arzate complaints post and now I want to let you know I have been a dentist for 25 years now and something I have always tried not to do as a policy is to talk bad about other doctors. First of all because of personal conviction and second as they say “He that is without sin cast the first stone”.

So that’s why I wrote this German Arzate complaint post… A doctor has studied and learned how to heal, to help others and make things better. Even before he goes to school a doctor knows he wants to heal people. He does not do it against his will, he always looks for a way to make it happen and make things better, it doesn’t matter what is his specialty, he studies to help others. I have had the privilege of helping many people, to change lives, change their image, and help them feel confident again, something that in a way no other specialty does, give them a smile. They can be happy and content, but I have been able to really give them a smile on their face.

Any doctor starts out with at least 5 years of studies, that’s his inexperience as I call it because he still hasn’t had real working hours, as time goes by one acquires experience and learns to do things better and better, perfecting techniques etc. Also he has the very best of intentions and tries to do his very best.

I know of cases that were by the book, basically perfect but the patient afterward falls into the hands of a critical doctor and he says it just wasn’t done right. I used to get upset when a patient would tell me about stuff like this, now it just makes me sad. This other doctor never saw the patient when he first came in, never saw what condition he was in, did not see the diagnosis, did not watch the procedure, did not see the result when first finished. If he saw none of this, how can he judge it was not done right? If a patient comes in asking if something was done right and the first thing you say is no, I think that is wrong. We have even had cases where doctors have told their patients if the work was done outside of the U.S. then it was done wrong. I call that medical geographical discrimination. The practice of medicine has no borders, it is global. Medicine knows not what country you are from. Studies may differ but the end result is what counts and I believe most doctors do their best. So if an American doctor with doctors without borders is in Africa, is he bad because he is not African? Or if an African medic wants to save a person hit by a car in New York, does that make him wrong because he is not American? Or if a Mexican doctor is taking care of an American or Canadian patient, is that bad because he is Mexican? I think that’s enough of foolishness and absurdities. Health care is universal! It depends on each doctor’s skills and talents, not where they are from or where they practice. That is my German Arzate complaint post about. Someone may have studied in a renown university and yet not be such a great doctor and yet another may have gone to a public college and yet be a real artist at what he does.

Nowadays with internet we are globalized and so no longer just the neighbor can criticize you but anyone anywhere in the world. The worst part of it is, they are often unfounded criticisms. Medical tourism has grown in leaps and bounds, many people leave their native country to seek medical attention in other countries. With airplanes, internet and more we are truly globalized. A doctor may think as he sits there behind his desk or in his office that he is pretty much alone and no one sees him or what he does, but that is no longer true as today we are subject to all kinds of judgments and criticisms. I think with so much negativity flying around, we doctors should help each other and not criticize one another so easily. I simply don’t like to criticize other doctors out of conviction. Even if I see a job done poorly I am not so worried about who did it, but how long ago and the details about the patient and his case; that I would ask the doctor so I could help on my end. Some patients also can tend to manipulate or even lie about certain things when they want to hurt or criticize the doctor involved. We as doctors do need to watch out for this I feel. We are part of a medical community and it doesn’t matter where we are from we should trust that the doctor did his best under his conditions.

I do feel that all this globalization is helping in many ways, but also it has done some harm and if the medical community does not know how to deal with this properly we will be left at great disadvantage. Almost like not knowing how to read or write or nowadays not knowing how to use the internet would be the case in comparison with not dealing correctly with this globalization and its ramifications as medics. So this complaint written on German Arzate complaints is when a doctor criticizes another doctor… I would invite them to stop and think and maybe reflect a little on what I am saying here. I believe that we as doctors have the same intentions, that being to help the patient and offer solutions. If for some reason a doctor did not do an optimum job and it can happen, I am sure there is a good reason and we should just not jump to conclusions. Also we as doctors need to realize that we are not gods and none of us have all the answers nor are our answers the only ones out there. Of course it would be wrong to think that any of us as doctors are the only ones that can do something right or that because another did it, it must be wrong. Worse yet to think just because a patient went to another country to get needed work done because it is more affordable that automatically the work was deficient for that same reason. That would be like going backwards mentally and medically in such a modern and globalized world. That was all about this German Arzate complaint post, Thank you for reading it !