German Arzate complaint post: Discrimination to Latin Doctors.

German Arzate complaint post: Discrimination to Latin Doctors.

I would like to write in this German Arzate complaint post the discrimination towards latin doctors. So I am going to complain here a moment if you will lend me your ear. This is a very special complaint of mine, close to my heart and it is all about the discrimination that we as Latin Medics suffer from Doctors in other countries. Well not all doctor’s in other countries per say but particularly Medics from the USA and Canada. It seems they don’t accept anyone who is not one of them or part of their circle.

So this German Arzate complaint post is how is it possible in such a globalized world as that of today where health supposedly has no boundaries or borders, health has not a passport, it doesn’t care about socioeconomic status… well I just don’t understand how if a doctor has a patient who happens to get some work done outside of their country let’s say outside of the US, they automatically tell them it’s no good, it’s not just no good, it’s bad, it has to be bad, even though they haven’t seen it, it  is bad because it was not done at home. Throughout my years as a dentist one of the saddest and most embarrassing things I have seen is when a patient goes back home to his or her country and the doc says “Oh it was done in Mexico, it’s not done right.” I do understand the cultural connotation that we are considered a third world country, but times are changing and have changed. Medics such as myself are highly trained to carry out treatments as good as or better than dentists in the USA or Canada.

That’s not to mention the warmth of the Latin, the special treatment we give, the customer service etc. Also how we go about solving problems is very different here; I dare say often times even better. Maybe I cannot speak for all Latin doctors as I realize some are good and others pretty bad, even horrible, but it’s the same in the USA or Canada. So if you are asking if there is quality service and medical attention here, let me tell you yes sir there is. In Mexico we really have much to offer… We have some excellent doctors and equipment also. It’s sad when we hear things like “Welcome to the world, but Mexico doesn’t produce anything…” When in reality we have the labor, but unfortunately most dental materials are produced outside of Mexico. The dental industry here in Mexico is under heavy attack. So most materials are manufactured outside of Mexico and imported making them more expensive, but we do use the same stuff used in the USA and Canada and Europe for that matter.

So if we have the same materials and good doctors… What’s the difference? Well the only difference in reality is a matter of opinion, a point of view. If we get a patient from let’s say Australia, or Europe, Russia, from wherever, we try to find a solution to their problem. If we don’t have it for some reason, we ask and we find it. Patients are by no means stupid; they can tell when a doctor is trying to solve their problem. That is our responsibility as doctors, to find solutions and restore good health to our patients. So in this German Arzate complaint post my complaint is that, the automatic discrediting related to a Latin Doctor. I am totally convinced that this will change, but we as Latins, as Mexicans have to work hard to change it. Of course some things are done wrong, mistakes are made. Personally I try to do things right as do many others, but it’s true some Latin doctors are not good, but the same goes for American & Canadian doctors, so who are they to point the finger. Of course they can hide and not say anything about their mistakes, or send in their lawyers, but the fact remains that what is done wrong is simply wrong. Of course anything made by man has a certain margin of error. No culture, race, nor class is exempt from this. It doesn’t matter if the doc speaks English, Chinese or Spanish, he can make mistakes.

Something that also bothers me a lot is if a patient can’t get the needed attention in his home country because it’s just too expensive and here it is cheaper (by far) and so he comes here for his needed dental work, he comes here with us. Well, we are medics and it is our job to help him, to find solutions for him, so we are concerned and we do want to help, but I ask. What good is it? If he or she is from another country so we should not take care of him? We should not treat them as fellow human beings in need of help and assistance? So only if I am an American Doctor and the patient is American can I help him? So that is my complaint! It is really frustrating and I have often heard of cases where also a patient goes in and just wants stitches removed silly, stupid stitches and for some reason they can’t do it for him. So who’s to blame? The Patient, the doctor, the insurance company? Where is the concern for that patient? Where is the sensitivity for that human being? He needs a solution and there is none? So this is a separating factor, that’s the reason I wrote this German Arzate complaint post. I will say it again and shout it to the four winds… THERE SHOULD BE NO BORDERS when it comes to healthcare, all human beings should be treated the same. Our obligation as doctors is to give solutions, to help, to lend a helping hand and make sure the patient is cared for properly. Thank you for listening while I complain.