German Arzate Complaints: What people think about mexicans

German Arzate Complaints: What people think about mexicans

In this German Arzate complaints post I would like to emphasis on a subject. It has been very interesting for me over the years to meet many Americans and Canadians. With many I feel they are now my friends and through this I have understood them and their idiosyncrasies and culture a bit more. Many actually see Mexico as a good place and this pleases me. They see us as a friendly neighbor and as good people.

But there is the contrary also. In some ways we could look at the USA as a big company and we work for them. Maybe like some small time manager in this company, where we are told what to do, how to do it, how to act, what our schedule should be etc. Mexico is going through some rough times of slow development right now. Of course the US was a great power and in many ways is no longer. It is still a powerful economy, but there are now other great world powers out there. Like the Chinese? Well that’s a whole other story!

So one of my complaints is how people look at Mexico! Maybe many think we are like what they see on TV, Pedrito on the donkey, and scenes from Mexico’s great years of film. Pedro Infante and the rest. Sombreros, men dressed like Mariachis on a horse or donkey. It’s funny to me that many think Mexico is still like that and that we are not modernized at all. So really what is Mexico? Of course it’s our rich culture, the pyramids, memories of the Mayans playing ball, the beaches… Unfortunately a country where the one with the most influence or money wins, corruption, a third world country, a country where maybe you can get away with anything, where foreigners can come and do what they please where there is no law nor order. A country where they can come and steel from us as is happening with the mines nowadays. Ah, but that would be yet another subject! So yes this is one of the reasons why I wrote this German Arzate complaints post… Mexico is more than just tequila, beaches and fun! Mexico has so much to offer. Sadly many see Mexico as an insecure place. As is the media love alarming and sensationalist news, and then we feed them with more negative stuff so of course people see Mexico as none less than hell. This is so sad, then on top of all this many Mexicans leave our country for whatever reasons, often to make more money and we lose many talented people that could help us to grow as a country. We want to grow and advance but are not given a fair chance.

We are the country with the biggest border with the USA, a third world country where only 2 % of the population speaks English and even then we speak it wrong. We should speak almost perfect English by now so we could benefit from the USA and have more of a bond with them.

On one hand it’s an honor to live in a place like Cancun where tourists visit from all over, but what good is it when almost all the hotels are owned by foreign interests. The Spanish have invaded owning many hotels and also many Americans chains flourish here, as far as I know only 2 major hotels are owned by Mexican companies.

Then there is the bloody side of Mexico that people see lately. This hurts me deeply because this is not really Mexico; it is much more than this! This is one of my biggest complaints so in this German Arzate complaints post I complain that people have to see such an insecure Mexico. In reality Mexico is a great and strong country! Unfortunately I have always said that one of Mexico’s biggest problems is Mexicans. If only Mexicans would wake up to this fact and change in certain ways things would be different. Also we need other countries to see us in a better light to help us to grow; otherwise it will be very difficult for us. Of course we as Mexicans have to do our part also. But we cannot grow while others have a boot to our throat and don’t want us to grow. So there is much to change to help Mexico, this beautiful country to shine like it should! Thank you!