German Arzate complaints: Accepting when an implant is rejected

German Arzate complaints: Accepting when an implant is rejected

Welcome again to this German Arzate complaints site, now I would like to write complaints about how complicated it is to accept when an implant is rejected. This is one of my complaints about how people take it when their body rejects an implant. So as I say welcome to the wonderful world of implants, to this bionic age where a piece of foreign material can be placed into the human body and work! How marvelous!

But one of the things I want to write about in this German Arzate complaints site is how many folks react when an implant is rejected. That is one drawback with implants! There is no way of knowing if your body will accept or reject any given implant until you give it a try! Many patients ask me ahead of time if they will be able to accept the implant or if their body will reject it, of course they don’t want to spend all that money and be disappointed, that’s understandable, so they are often unsure. But also we need to look at the great advancements in technology in all this! It is a great moment in history that we can do all this and that usually it works! But thing I also want to say in this German Arzate complaints site is that when all of a sudden the body rejects an implant the person feels it was all a failure. But you just had surgery and maybe this once it didn’t take. I have even put 3 implants in the same mouth and all of a sudden the middle one is rejected. Why? We still don’t understand this!

It’s like why can you see better with one eye than the other? Or why is one arm stronger than the other? Why can a person be perfectly healthy and all of a sudden have allergies or a cold? Why is the body so capricious? How come someone seems to be fine and all of a sudden they have cancer and die a month or 6 later? Well, the body is a perfect machine, but there is much we still do not understand about it. We can go to the moon and much more but we can’t figure out what really causes the spark of life, nor do we understand everything about the human body. So this is one of my big complaints! We have not been able to decipher the code, the secret to all this.

So why when a patient’s body rejects an implant do they feel we failed? Really, I did my very best! It is not my fault as a doctor! So this is in fact one of my complaints! I made a hole in your bone and placed an implant exactly by the book! I buy only high grade and very expensive materials, these materials are backed up with years of investigation and trial. They are also extremely sterile, so I take them out of the package, install them in your mouth which I have prepared properly and make sure they are firmly fit. I have never installed an implant that was not a tight fit. I even take hold of the implant and move the patients head back and forth to make sure it is firmly fit.  So what happens? What can go wrong? Sometimes the bone just rejects it! It happens! It really is not my fault. Actually I could ask the patient why they rejected it! If we could ask the body or the bone this question and it could answer, well then maybe we could understand. I as a doctor sure did not make that decision nor was it ever my intent, so it’s not my fault!

As far as the body accepting a dental implant it’s just like a hip or an eye or whatever, sometimes it just doesn’t. That is not at all up to the doctor! So this is one of my complaints, just how little many people seem to know about all this. If you just get on line that’s not necessarily going to help. You will just get other peoples opinions; they may have it right or wrong. You might think “well, my Dad had it done, or my brother or uncle and it went great for them. Why didn’t mine work? It must be the doctor’s fault! I want a new dentist!” As humans we can be so unfair! Our poor bodies have to put up with so much aggression. Physical, mental and spiritual aggression and we don’t understand our bodies and seem to expect so much!

The doctor has nothing to do with your body’s capacity to accept any given implant, if anything it’s the patient’s fault or at least their body’s. We need to help patients see this and change their way of thinking on this subject! The dentist is doing his very best, giving his all, trying to make it work for you! He didn’t study all those years to try and make it fail or make an implant fall out! We as doctors are looking for the very best way to do things and to help our patients! Thank you!