German Arzate complaints post: Too many pills.

German Arzate complaints post: Too many pills.

I am impressed by how the pharmaceutical industry has grown to the point where you can buy medicine as if they were candies at a store so that’s why I want to tell you about in this German Arzate complaints post. This is here in Mexico but also in the USA and Canada. We have now what are called over the counter drugs. These are medicines that you can buy without a prescription. Aspirin, pain killers, anti inflammatories, many of these you will see in TV commercials etc. We may think that these do not harm us in any way as you can find them often even within children’s reach in drugstores and even supermarkets and convenience stores.

But we should keep in mind that no medication is a natural part of our body, no matter how you look at it, it is a foreign substance entering our body and altering our system in one way or another. I mean this means from aspirins to an endless number of other medicines that are within our reach and that people can use to auto medicate themselves without a prescription. The down side of this is that your body can create a resistance and even allergies and worse by doing this. So I want to complain in this German Arzate complaint post about it

Often to save money and not have to visit a doctor folks buy these. Instead of going to a doctor they just buy these over the counter drugs and auto medicate themselves, be it a cream or lotion, why you can even get cortisone  which is a  drug that lingers for a long time in your body and  is sold freely. So it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you can buy these drugs almost anywhere. On the other hand it can happen where a doctor just gives you a prescription for whatever… which happens more and more nowadays. This can affect your health and even other medical treatments that you are undergoing when you are taking so many medicines and even vitamins that you buy or are prescribed. So yes this is a reason why I wrote this German Arzate complaints post. Sometimes patients take so many medicines maybe for high or low blood pressure or whatever else so that by the time they get to us we have to try to figure it all out, what to give or not give them during treatment etc. Their tolerance levels have been altered, their body resistance is changed and this can be dangerous. This should not be. I don’t think people should even auto medicate themselves at all, nor should we doctors be prescribing so much. I think things should in some ways go back to how they were, back to the natural and only use medicines when really necessary. We have to be careful with drugs. Yes sickness is a big business and there has been a big boom as far as medicines go, so it’s like first they get you sick, and then they heal you. But I insist health and medications have to be taken very seriously, all this should be carefully analyzed, and also taking into account that some doctors have really been commercialized on one hand and others attacked on the other hand.

We have gotten to the point when someone goes to a doctor they expect a prescription no matter what. You almost can’t tell a patient they don’t need anything that it’s all in their mind. It’s almost like you have to give them a prescription of some kind so they will feel OK about it. Some people are taking 8, 10, 15 or more pills a day for all sorts of things and they think they need them, but sometimes it’s more psychological than real or because the neighbor does, or my uncle does or whoever and this has created people who are all full of drugs and yet still sick. So I feel this is a problem on a medical level. Thank you!