German Arzate complaints: The importance of a good smile.

German Arzate complaints: The importance of a good smile.

This German Arzate complaints post is about how it seems folks don’t get it, the importance of a good smile! What am I talking about? Well we buy suits, dresses, purses, clothes, the best makeup, even a nice car and almost anything to look good, but maybe we don’t realize that our smile is the first thing others will often see and for sure the most important.

Nowadays women get surgery on everything it seems, maybe they think that with a nice new set of breasts that will do the trick, but actually your smile is even more important. Of course having a nice body sure does help and others will be attracted to you, but once they get close they are going to see your teeth and if they are ugly, well that’s the end of that!

Ok, so let’s see what happens to a man when he hits 40 or 50? You can start to see the stress and wear on his teeth. You can tell if he hasn’t cared for them, they start to look old. So uncared for teeth, maybe a belly, not dressing nice etc and it all adds up and you are no longer attractive as a man. But no matter the rest, if you have nice teeth and a nice smile, people will notice and it makes you look good. Many times people have told me they want a nice smile so they can look good. Well maybe you are already pretty ladies, but you are not attractive if your teeth look worn…

The best accessory you can have is your smile. It doesn’t matter what time it is, or what day of the week, your smile will open doors with others, and you will start conversations and open hearts… You don’t even have to say a word and others will comment on how pretty or handsome you are! Just take a look at some of the social media sights. The folks that smile have more likes…. It might seem strange but folks that smile always get more positive responses from others. In general we tend to trust folks who smile more than those who don’t. Smiling people are those that are not afraid to face the world, not afraid for others to see them as they are. This is also a bit of a cultural thing. I want to explain in this German Arzate complaints that many Mexicans are not as concerned about their teeth and their smile, as to where Americans tend to be more concerned about having a perfect smile. Sometimes it can come out pretty expensive in the U.S., but with so much advancement in cosmetics we can always find a way…

So my German Arzate complaint post of today is how so many women cannot see it. Like they want a perfect body which is great, but they also need that pretty smile. And you men, what part of it don’t you understand? You look older when you have ugly teeth! Your mouth and your smile folks is one of the most important things you have going for you. So thanks for listening to me complain once again, so fix your teeth and keep on smiling!