German Arzate complaints: About prevention

German Arzate complaints: About prevention

Now I will write you in this German Arzate complaint post about this… Unfortunately it seems many do not really plan ahead when it comes to their health. This is often a cultural thing. The Latino often has an attitude of “OK, just fix it however, it doesn’t matter if it falls out later, just fix the problem for now.” On the other hand Americans and Canadians usually have a more of a prevention type of culture, although lack of finances can also cause them to have to find immediate solutions.

In general the whole not planning ahead attitude bothers me. There could be 3 products for example, all 3 might be good but the first, although fixing the problem and cheaper will not last as long, so the Mexican or Latino takes that one right away. The second product is better and has a medium life span, the American and some Latinos with more money might take that one. Now the third one is of superior quality and will last much longer (not necessarily a lifetime), but few are those that will take it, only a rare few that are totally convinced, that feel that this is an important investment, which it is, as it is your health will choose the best.

So one of the reasons about this German Arzate complaint post is that many do not have a preventative attitude. If they did, well they wouldn’t have the problems they have right now. I mean we get folks with very uncared for and even destroyed mouths, with little bone mass left and infections…  Now of course different folks have higher or lower standards of hygiene, but one way or other prevention and planning ahead is the key to good dental health. Well, there are a lot of differences of opinion on this subject, but the way I see it is that planning ahead and a preventative attitude can only bring good results in every facet of life. Wouldn’t you agree?

Nowadays everything  seems to be express style. We want it fast! Like buying a CD, we don’t like it, we take it back. Folks tend to think that dental work is like this, you know? Just adjust it, pull on it, shine it, whatever, but in reality it’s not that simple.

Again, personally I think that planning ahead is the best thing you can do and brings the best results. So that’s why I wrote this German Arzate complaint post. And my suggestion is that you plan far ahead and prevent problems… Thank you much for hearing me complain!By German Arzate DDS