German Arzate complaint about Snap in Dentures

German Arzate complaint about Snap in Dentures

Today this German Arzate complaint post will be all about Snap in Dentures. I’ve seen patients for a long time more that 25 years, with a distraught mouth, well they coming for a solution but sometimes be difficult for patients to understand that we have distraught teeth,  swollen gums and it’s normal to have some pain.

We get this problem with some patients. They go home and they complain about having soreness and swelling without giving it time to heal. This is very important. It seems like they don’t understand they got a surgery on their mouths and soreness is a completely normal result.

Also, a patient who grinds their teeth a lot can have problems with an implant once it is in, another problem can be for those with substance addictions as these substances get into the bloodstream and into the bones thus weakening them. Then there are the impatient patients who want everything fast and easy. Well, that just won’t work. This all takes time and has a certain procedure which has to be followed to work right. But one way or another, dental implant technology is something amazing in modern dentistry.

Then there are also cases where the upper rear jawbone has been left toothless for years. What happens here is with no teeth for a long period of time the bone begins to shrink and disappear.

It takes about 3 weeks for the gums to heal so please, just hang in there. If you had surgery on any other part of the body, it would be a very similar result.  We need to understand how the body reacts and how health works.

As a dentist in Cancun, I’ll keep explaining next time the other factors I take into consideration to analyze if you are a candidate for dental implants.