German Arzate Complaints:  The Dentist’s Enemies (Part 1)

German Arzate Complaints: The Dentist’s Enemies (Part 1)

Dentists have a very different and somewhat strange job, which is that of sticking their hands in other people’s mouths. Now, dentists do have an enemy and usually that enemy is another dentist. There is this unspoken rule amongst dentists that dentist eats dentist. So as a dentist if you want to know who is talking bad about you it will be another dentist, that’s almost for sure. You can do your very best work installing a crown or whatever else, it can even be done in gold, but when that patient goes to another dentist for whatever reason, there’s a good chance that dentist will criticize your work. Amongst dentists we use a lot of technical and medical language that most patients do not understand, so the patient tends to just trust the dentist at that moment.

We dentists know that the mouth is made up of many different elements which can make it work at 100% or less, the occlusion, or the bite, the muscles… There are many things that influence the proper function of the mouth. There are many dentists now a days so it would not be strange to run into one at a social gathering. In such a gathering said dentist might easily critique the work that another dentist did on your mouth, this is a common thing amongst dentists. Not all dentists do this, but sad to say many do tend to cut down others work and not give the benefit of the doubt to their colleagues. Again as the patient often does not understand, the dentist can say whatever they want about the work of the other. So as physicians we really need to use ethics and not do this kind of thing. Whenever we get a patient that has problems possibly caused by the work of another dentist we only ask when they had the work done and what the problems are, but we ask them not to mention the name of said dentist. Of course we need to understand their problem and ask for any past diagnosis but that’s it, we are not interested in cutting down the other doctor. As physicians I feel we all need to be careful with this kind of thing. Also when we do this we are showing a lack of professional ethics and courtesy towards others in front of our patients.