German Arzate Complaints:  The Dentist’s Enemies (Part 2)

German Arzate Complaints: The Dentist’s Enemies (Part 2)

Dentistry is a delicate matter when it comes to customers. We must be very careful with what we say and how we express ourselves to our patients. Usually any patient that is 40 or 50 years old has been to a few dentists in their lifetime. Most people no longer stay with the same dentist for 30 or more years, for whatever reasons they end up changing dentists more than once in their life. But I believe that professional ethics are a must in every case. Yes, it’s true that often dentists can be dentists own worst enemies, but it does not have to be like this. We could give the other dentist the benefit of the doubt and explain to the patient as we were not there when whatever procedure was performed and did not see how bad their mouth was before, that we cannot judge and would rather think that the other dentist did the very best he or she could at that moment. Besides the fact that the mouth changes constantly and much has to do with the care any given patient gives their own mouth.

Patients or customers change all the time, so I think we really need to uplift each other as dentists, this is something we really need to do folks. I suggest that as doctors we all be careful with what we have to say about others. Whenever we get a “new patient” in the clinic I know they are not a “new patient” really. They have already been to many dentists before. Of this I am almost 100 % sure! This patient has had experience with dentists before. You are just another dentist as far as they are concerned. So it’s up to you the impression you make on them.

I always recommend you take pictures and videos not only of their mouth, but of their smile and facial features before and after and write lots of notes about their case, otherwise you very well may forget. As a doctor you see many patients in a year’s time so it’s best to keep close track. You need to know why the patient came in the first place and what they expect from you. Sometimes I let the patient look at their own mouth in a mirror and I ask them if they were the doctor what would they do. That’s really changes things for them and puts things in another light. All of a sudden you will be working in teamwork with that patient. I would like to invite all you other doctors out there to stop and think before speaking ill of another doctor or their work. Let’s try to give each other the benefit of the doubt, believing that the other did the very best they could at that moment with what they had available. There will always be 2 sides of every story. In this case the patient’s and the doctor’s and we need to take both into account, but let’s use professional courtesy in each and every case. Let’s be ethical in all we do.