German Arzate Complaints:  If you are in front of a dentist, watch out!

German Arzate Complaints: If you are in front of a dentist, watch out!

If you are at a get together and you meet a dentist you can be sure they will be looking at your mouth. There is something about dentists and they always do this. Yes that’s their business, but there’s more to it than just that. They will be analyzing your smile while they are with you. They will be checking out the color and size of your teeth, what your bite is like and more. Like a wolf waiting for its prey, they will be waiting for that moment to ask you about your mouth and your dental health. Most dentists might say they don’t do this, but we all know they do. Of course many people on the other hand once they know you are a dentist start telling you about their dental problems.

It’s a funny thing but most dentists do this even amongst themselves, I don’t mean to generalize but most dentists do. Another funny thing is when you go to a dental convention and see how many dentists have some pretty ugly teeth. It’s like they can see everyone else’s teeth but not their own. Don’t they ever look in the mirror, I wonder? When a dentist checks you out, you have 2 options, one you can ask for their card and tell them you would like to go get checked out at their clinic which will stop them from asking you more questions, the other option is to tell them you are fine and already have a good dentist, they will immediately back off and respect the fact you already have a dentist. But if you tell them you are having troubles or pain they will automatically want to help you. Again many people when they find out you are a dentist will want to show you their teeth, it doesn’t matter if you are in the bank, at a meeting or dinner or even on the treadmill next to them at the gym.

I have always said being a dentist is an interesting career. As long as there are human beings with teeth there will be dentists. This is a profession where you will never be replaced by computers or robots… It is a unique profession.

So I am giving you some tips on how to deal with dentists. If you really want to get a dentist thinking start asking them about the latest technology they have studied about or the last convention they went to. What’s the latest in technology? They love the latest gadgets. They just love fixing your problem with the newest gadget.