German Arzate Complaints: Gingival Recession

German Arzate Complaints: Gingival Recession

Many people have asked why their gums recede. Gingival recession can be caused by different factors like the type of bite the patient has or because of stress or sometimes because of brushing in a certain way, but usually and in most cases it is a hereditary thing. The gums retract and also the bone in these cases. The problem actually starts at the bone and affects the gum. When this happens the teeth start to look longer, they are actually not any longer but more of the tooth is visible and even part of the root is exposed. Usually the gums cover the root and all we see is the enamel of the tooth, but when we have this recession all of a sudden the root is exposed and that part looks yellow. Also when this area is exposed as such, tartar begins to accumulate and we can have problems with deep cavities or cavities under existing crowns etc.

There are different ways to treat this problem and a periodontist can help sometimes with guided tissue regeneration, membranes and or bone grafting and more, but often it can  be very difficult to correct this type vertical bone loss. Once we have advanced recession it affects the actual support of the tooth and of course it looks bad, as the teeth start to look real long, they don’t look good, but they look old and worn and they are bi colored as the enamel is one color and the exposed root a yellowish color. We suggest in such cases first a good evaluation of the affected area to see if the tooth or teeth are still strong and stable and if we can salvage them. We will need to take x rays and use a periodontal probe to check the depth of the problem. If we see that the problem is serious we can look for other solutions also. It could be a recession with or without periodontal pockets, but all of these things we take care of here at the clinic.

Gingival recession can be general or in a specific area. When it is general it often causes loss of various teeth. When we have recession around molars and the root is exposed food tends to accumulate between the roots, technically speaking this molar is lost. If we try to salvage it, this will only be a temporary solution that may last a couple of years. Now if it is an anterior tooth and is stable there are different techniques to be able to save it.

Gingival recession affects 7 out of 10 patients and here at our clinic we have the very best in materials and instruments to help take care of the problem and give you that smile you always dreamed of. We would be glad to take care of you!