German Arzate Complaints – Dentists with no experience

German Arzate Complaints – Dentists with no experience


I can tell you that at least 97% of the clinics that offers dental implants have no experience. There are many doctors that put their advertising saying that they can do all kind of dental procedures
but when you get to that clinic they change everything, and they give you another solution of what you were looking at. Why does this happen? Because they are not skilled, but they also don´t know nothing about cosmetics and aesthetics, and this is the most important part: Having a good price, but also good quality.




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You're reight mister!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you Doctor!

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Nice video! This is true! I can't believe how things turn out with the internet sometimes. There are some nasty people out there that just want to hurt other. Bless you!