German Arzate Complaints – Snob Doctors

"Many dentists from places like United States, Canada or Europe thinks that they are better than the Latin America dentists. Why do they think this way? Just because they do not want to admit that we can do the same job as them or even better! Those dentists believe that a Mexican do not have any idea of odontology, that our prices are cheaper because we work with low quality tools. WRONG, totally not true. I know many excellent doctors with high work standards and with several years of experience, I am one of those dentists. But these thoughts comes from a cultural discrimination, people think that if somethings is made in Mexico it has the lowest quality. The truth is that all dentists need to study abroad and inside their home country too! Being Mexican does not mean that I cannot be competitive! This just means that I am Mexican, nothing more. My nationality does not define my work or who I am. Who is German Arzate? A very prepared implant dentist, that has an ABOI/ID Certification. I am proud of my: More than 20 years of experience, and the smiles I have restored."